US 25 year rule... watching prices

that car would be what?? $5k here?

gonna be fun to see what the US rule does to values.

CA and auto? Throw it in the trash.

Poor Americans

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r32s are gonna sky rocket id imagine

i wonder how many people will come North instead of going over seas?

People over in BC have been doing well (from what I’ve seen and heard)…

hate to say but that car is immaculate and clean as fuck, just wish it was 5 speed,8k lil high but i would pay it

Never actually seen a Hicas II in person. Cool. Car is minty. Big bucks, but I would enjoy this. I am going to be selling my US legal Eunos(89) and a silvia (88) soon.

report back on if you get better traction in the US…

also, coindicentally, we have 3 US forums in this network you can try :slight_smile:

actually all of the US / PA forums use a common classifieds so it should be pretty easy.!&p=4589158#post4589158

Not a bad car, eh

any interest from Us guys @sharpe_corners

Hrm, I should list my Silvia… 89,000 original KM and my VIN is lower than the Silvia listed in the ebay add…

Dylan, let me know how you make out…

Got banned from Zilvia. They said the car must be titled in the US. Uh, I am in Canada. Lots of cars listed that are illegal , nobody says shit. I post a nice car, that can be legally imported, they strip my vendor status, delete my PM box and PM abilities, I cant even see the FS section. Very very unprofessional and unfounded.

It’s the new market place mod that’s flip flopping with “what can and can not be sold”.