V8 MR2

I just signed up to foster this thought I was working on. Go to UBRF and search V8 MR2 and look at the couple pages of me rambling with idiots. If anyone in intersted it can be done without too much trouble. LS1 in a mark 2 mr2. Dont bother discussing it here. The entire thing has been done on UBRF.

Rob Woods

What’s this UBRF you speak of?

I’m guessing it means “UB race fans” or something gay like that. lol

Anyway, that V8 in a MR2 sounds like a fun project. Definitely not something I have the money for though.

Thing in buffalo where i am. Just sign up and search for the thread “V8 MR2” if you think this is something you are intersted in. I heard about this place from a girl in a bar. I could elborate but its many paragraphs of arguing with people who think 4 cylinders are the only thing that could be possibly good. Lots of explination behind the concept though. I measured up this guys 2nd gen mr2 and with new mounts and a bellhousing adapter an ls derivative engine from gm will fit. Gotta use the turbo tranny obviously but I was looking for someone who would be intersted. Ill do the design work for free but i am just looking for someone to go in on it. I go to University at Buffalo and am the head engineer for the formula sae team there. I also work at ssbc(stainless steel brake corp.) in engineering. I just got finished designing their new caliper and I have only been working there for 7 weeks. So i know what I am doing. I am looking to make a v8 kit for an 2nd gen mr2 so I have something more to put on my resume and for fun because i love big engines in small cars. Not really intersted in making money because there isnt any to be made. Just love to enginner stuff and I am really good at it. I am friends with the guys at hydrid connection and innovative tuning in elma ny so they can back me up on not being bullshit if you know who they are.

:wave: welcome

i never have heard about it?

ubrf.org … ran it thru an acronym program and have determined that it means :

Uninteresting, Bullheaded Rubes, Flinger of Obsenities and Rolling in Gimpishness

ubrf just re-directs me to totalfag.com