v8 PT Cruiser goes for a spin - powershifting FTW


that makes it official…

makes what official ? lol

thats just fucking retarded

wtf mate

lol thats actually what some videos on the net sound like :tup:

Sounds kinda like a viper. I couldn’t stop laughing though.

wtf? manual valve body or something? (no sound here so I couldnt even tell what was going on other than him jamming his auto selector back and forth lol)

i laughed uncontrollably, im actually still laughing

Just woke up, and yes I still am laughing. You need sound to fully understand the video. :lol:

pity cruising drivers are the most metally challenged people in the country. Possibly, on the continent.

he’s making the engine sounds…NOT with the engine. lmao

god I was hoping the shifter would break off and stab him in the crotch :bloated:



ooooh … 300 shot on a stock 4 banger


my penis could fit in that CAI i want with my balls 2 eat breakfast in the cold. vvl funny *** but cheecks SR20VE d16=ghey like me

holy shit - is that some version of english?

i want the 19 seconds that i watched of it back

but the funny stuff starts at about 0:25! lol

lol @ the 300 shot

thsi is better http://videos.streetfire.net/video/0F19EFFE-CD60-449D-AB93-36C6765EDBDD.htm

boy he was reving the shit out of that thing twords the end.