VID: Grag Amy @ Watkins Glen 22 spots in one lap


Greg Amy, like 15 + years racing. Won 1992 SSB runoffs with NX2000. Years latter finds the car, buys it and competes again in ITA (same car and class that I run). Went to the Glen, qualifing rained heavily, qualified behind slower ITB and ITC cars.

Starts mid pack, and then goes to set the lap record in dry.

2:17.9 on the long track. Breaks old record by 1 1/2 seconds.

My car was 2:25 with old owner, I can only guess that I would be like 2:23. 2:17 is fucking insane.

wow, he’s got some skills! and he totally bumped that guy from behind in the integra lol

rubbin is racin yo…thats kwik …u got it in u Jeremy

I have done >2:25 in my Evolution with street tires.
How much power does that car have?
Just curious.

He has ~145 whp. His is as fully built as the rules allow (rebuild over bore as per FSM).

Mine with just header, air filter, and untouched block is 138 whp.

I gotta go back with some real tires.
I have a lot more powa now too.:slight_smile: