vote for our models!!

here are our models vote for them!! support TNC and JDM-imports!!!

the girls have pink checkered stuff on… vote by entering your email at the bottom!!

let us know if you voted!!

priscilla FTMFW!!! WOOT!!!

vote guys cause if we get alot of votes we get advertising in pasmag and the model gets to be on the front cover!!! so its good… so vote alot haha…


would be wicked if TNC/JDM import model wins

voted…Priscilla is pure sex

Wow, she has my vote!!

Voted; it’s funny to see how differently the models look in photos vs real life…
Presiclla photographs well…

i found it odd how they didnt show n e representation of tnc anywhere on their outfits

Priscilla got my vote!:slight_smile:

all good… they tnc models doing the job for jdm :wink: win win situation. hope everyone votes and yes priscilla photographs very nicley. she is very pretty.

they good friends of mine so be nice.

still makes no sense cuz no one actually knows theyre tnc models…except for on here

The models were provided by TNC; paid for them… so for this event they sported our logo; TNC had their banner up as well…

Either way; we should support the girls…