Vtec Head??

what is needed to swap to a Vtec head from a non vtec head?

what motor?

D Series.

PM dkid15, he seems to know quite a bit about those single slammers.

D16Y7 to D16Y8 conversion can be had various ways, dependent on the parts you chose

The most common way is as follows :

  • D16y8 Head

  • D16y8 Intake Manifold

  • D16y8 Throttle Body

  • D16y8 Fuel Rail

  • D16y8 Fuel Injectors

  • P28 ECU (some people use P2P ECU)

  • SRI/CAI (as the new setup ‘relocates’ TB setup)

  • Head Gasket

  • Intake manifold Gasket

  • Throttle Body Gasket

  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket

  • Timing Belt (smart time to change it)

  • 96-00 Honda Civic EX Spark Plugs (common choice)

Remember this is for a honda.
If its costing you over $500 for everything you need - you are doing something wrong.

Enjoy the MAD V–TECH and 27 crank hp gain !!!

dont waste the time/money Ted.
he’s right on everything right there.


Gains are hardly worth the headache or $500. Fun project if you are bored tho

You could pickup a Z6 motor for less then $400. Don’t waste your time on a mini-me unless you have the part’s lying around already.

yeh waste of time to do the head swap

Word. just buy an LS swap. Tons-o-fun…

or a b16 swap if your looking for more of a top end car.

:down GSR or LS VTEC. B16 bottoms are JUNK