told ya the chargers would knock off the colts :wink:

That sucks… :frowning:

:smiley: go bolts!

hell yes, I so called this like 3 weeks ago


go LT

Not like they are going to go all the way :wink:

I also think the colts will lose to the seahawks

shit… i missed it.

How many people were crying?

i dunno but some of the looks on peoples faces were priceless. they got to manning alot during that game, even when he was completing passes he was getting knocked around. huge :tup: to san diego’s front 7…and jammer FINALLY had a good game, i thought he did a good job on harrison

bring back the 94 BILLS



Chargers 4L

Fuck the chargers

I love LT tho

BTW, i thought this thread was going to be like “woot! I got my car back”

but that was just wishful thinking.

Ouch :lol:

I had a feeling that this was the week that they would lose considering that they clinched home field advantage, and SD had alot to play for. Thought the colts would pull it off though.

I am sad


eh…oh well…

but on a side note…GROSSMAN IS BACK…DA BEARS!!!

i watched DA BEARS game last nite…Grossman is loved by Chicago and actually put SOME points on the board for the offense…he looked good

well he can do a little better than 60 passing yards…LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m not saying he is the greatest thing in the world…but he may be what the bears need to finally get a little bit of offense and not always rely on the defense to win games

he did some in cold at not playign at all since pre-season…he will be taking way more reps with starting offense in practice this week

yea…so basically…coming off the bench and finally playing since aug 12…he doesn’t look half bad. so i can’t wait to see how he does next week. they will be @ GB this time…but none the less…it should be a good game to watch