Waiting till you get to work for #2

Nothing better than shitting on Company time instead of your own. :crap:


Done and Done. Its office hours

lol, phone games > * for that :crap:

I live for shitting at work! I take my Maxim or Stuff and spend a good 20 minutes reading quality articles on work’s time.

i used to sleep in the uniform closet at a bar i worked at…

I used to bang my ex in the break room and my office at the video store i managed, karma is a bitch cause my new job i cant leave my desk.

I spend a good amount of time at work in the commuter lounge at UB

I usually brign an issue of Sport Compact Car for my daily shit reading material…or print articles form their webpage to read…

X your on comission so doesnt matter when you poop… but I guess if you have to be in the office you should poop on them.

pda phone with movies, mp3s, news, weather & sprts + shitting at work = teh win

LMAO, just returned to my desk after a round of shitter golf via Sprint.

Im sure everyone already knows about this, it’s been around for years but…


scroll to the bottum of the page, you can time your shits and it tells you how much company money you wasted.


i love " dropping some friends off at the pool " at work

You got it all wrong. #2 while receiving overtime >*

have to poop at work.

the money saved on not buying ass paper was what i used to build my engine

i try and never poop at home, our toliet gets clogged very easily because someone seriously flushed a toothbrush down it

and spending a good 10-15 mins in the shitter with a magazine or anything is a great way to break up the day :crap:

when i go in to work early in the morning, i clock in and head right for the bathroom. nothing like taking a break before you even start.

I’m taking the boys for a dip right now…

wow, 2nd time today. mighty messed me up a little more then usual.


haha my roommate was recently fired from UPS for leaving his spot and taking a shit, guess hes not as lucky as the rest