WANTED: FLYWHEELS! Unwanted/Broken/Used

Looking for flywheels!! Trying to find them off of automatics to keep the weight down. Will come pick them up locally. If you have anything lying around or know of someone who may PLEASE have them contact me. Need about 60 of them.

Thanks for your help!!


How are you gonna get all these to the wedding? IDK what else you’re planning on welding to these, but you’re talking about 1200 lbs of centerpiece bases for your wedding, that’s insane.

nothing is going to be welded onto them… they will just be a base instead of using a piece of cloth or mirror underneath whatever else i decide is going on them. a flywheel should only weigh what… maaayyybbbeeee 10-15 lbs a piece. that’s only 900 lbs total haha alright so they will be heavy… that’s what the groomsmen are for lol

for having chevelle in your username you have been playing with little 4 cylinders too much huh? that or just automatics…i have a flywheel from a manual but its a solid 35 pounds.

The stock on from the conquest was 32 lbs.

I was looking at automagics. I dont need the pressure plate attached with the manuals, just the flywheel.

A lightweight flywheel for my maxima weighed something like 14 lbs, lol.

that’s a hell of a lot better than 35!!

Yeah, but it’s the “lightweight” aftermarket one. A stock one weighs like 23lbs

I think she wants flex plates

find a bunch of S2000 flywheels, 13.5 lbs stock for the AP1

the fiance wants flywheels.

Well you wont have to worry about the tableclothes blowing away.

Youd probably have a better chance at checking junkyards, I know youll find some here but 60 is nuts.