Wanted.. jackass 3d torrent

Has anybody found a quality version?

I saw it in the theatre, and I just want to show certain parts to family this week…


Im still not a demonoid member. sigh.

id be interested in this also

lol Willy I will send you an invite code

Lol, I’ve been waiting for a demonoid invite from a friend for like 6-7 months now. I refuse to use Limewire or w/e crap that is.

Thanks for the invite… anybody have a solid torrent file?

If you get a good copy ill buy one off you

There is smart pirating and dumb pirating. This is the latter.

For most people all I ask for is a blank DVD to burn it on.

I’m also a Demonoid member (6 years now) so if you need and invite and are a well known reputable member I’ll give you an invite code.

Also, just to state the obvious any of the Jackass 3D cams that are out won’t be in 3D if their recorded on a 2D camera.