Watch how real shit gets the next few years (China hacking everyone)


Once they can trace every penny the IRS will have it easy. On the bright side I can fire my CPA who gets $10,000+ per year from me. :slight_smile:


There is nothing stopping people from buying pre paid CC’s with cash if you’re concerned about anonymity


Hey I just your buddy Dave Kennedy on Katie, I watch it everyday… Yeah, right.
The show was about autistic people and how to track them, etc. You know, big brother shit. :slight_smile:

They said something like 90% of autistic wandering deaths are drownings.
Dave was discussing electronic wristbands etc.


He is a media whore now lol


Did shit get real on the missing plane? Apparently the passengers had access to the pilots same system. (?)


Are you talking about ADS-B info


Now Obama wants the USA to give up control of the Internet. And of course he does it while there is a big distraction going on.


The less control the US has over the internet the better…

No one country should have a majority control




Or a chip in your hand…


Control the series of tubes and you control the internet.


Get ready for global governance… And taxes.


Dave Kennedy was on FOX again the other day.

Mean while back at the ranch…

The NSA using metadata to determine if you are evil. Watch how you make calls and watch your tone when speaking on the phone, etc. Their software could make you a terrorist. :slight_smile:

(Maybe this should be in a NSA thread. Do we have an official NSA thread? :slight_smile: )


I thought this was funny

US hacking China instead of the other way around


This thread makes me shake my head.

Also makes me glad I don’t live there anymore.


I am going to bump this every time there is a crazy security breach.

I can’t wait for iris scanners!


I’m pretty sure you don’t have a grasp on how many computers are currently in use in the world and the extremely small % of crime/security issues in relation to the total number.

10-12 years ago was much much much worse from a security stand point or even a incident response stand point.

If you steal credit cards now during some breach the likely hood of getting caught is magnitudes higher then 10 years ago.

Also something like the current issue years ago might have gone unpatched for weeks now the turn around time is hours or days.


No thanks to those damn offensive security guys! Defense wins games, right? LOL


China all up in your healthcare hacking shit :lol:


It used “highly sophisticated malware and technology to attack the company’s systems,” the filing said.

So more sophisticated than sending bulk emails poorly spoofed to look like ADP saying your direct deposit didn’t go through? Because apparently that shit works too.