Weather 518


here we gooo


So much for sleeping as round two of potential storms is enroute


Yeah windy as fuck here and lightning just kicking up.


theres this one and another between 3-5am


raining horse cocks in latham


81 Nomads? Do you have to have a Harley or is there a SuperMoto clause? If so I would like to offer my services…


Whaaaaat? Do you even know what the 81 stands for? LOL


Oh brother. yea urban sumo go to the 81 clubhouse on your super moto and ask if you can join. Let us know how that goes


Actually there is an affiliated chapter of jap bikes in the area. Not sure on the club name but I know 100% they are affiliated with the 81


Nothing but thunder yesterday afternoon in Stillwater, bright and sunny there. I left there around 8 and it was still doing nothing.

I got stuck in the rain on the thruway last night around 10 and couldnt see in front of me at all.


It’s thundering right now because vlad is angry.


fucking weather fucked up my afternoon plans for sure


Not raining in albany uet


it rained in schenectady

then it didn’t

now it is sort of


raining and thundering loudly in Rotterdam now


It’s coming right for us Ned!


scrapping metal probably isnt the best idea right now unfortunately


Pouring at Mavis in Albany


yep its raining


Raining here at the campus with rumbles of thunder no good light show tho :frowning: