Weather 518


I hope it rains


We could use all of it to be rain just to get SOME of the salt off the roads.


Me too. Snow can go fuck itself.


I’m looking forward to the snow.


Word on the street is, it’s going to snow…


It’s gonna start snowing soon. Just checked


I knew it was snowing thanks to Facebook


Can we ride our snowmobiles is it a snow emergency yet?


This is America. If you want to ride your snowmobile, then by all means start it up and take it for a GOD DAMN RIDE, RANDY


and by golly i did! ripped it down my street over to albany st and past two colonie cops :slight_smile: they waved :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good time




Anyone wanna let me borrow their mt. snow season pass on Sunday? :lol


Imagine if a tornado like the one in Oklahoma hit this area. All of the PR’s with no insurance would be forced to ride CDTA. The car scene would be a better place.

/Paul J. Brudzoopski




This bucks the very scientific theory that tornadoes are attracted to trailer parks. /toosoon


Just had decent hail in Albany. Glad I’m parked in a garage.


My pops house in NG.


Take a picture of the sky you fools


Looks like we’re gonna get a light show tonight.