Weather 518


Im used to working where its 120*+ in the summer so I can deal with heat. I dont care for cold weather very much, especially when I have to work outside.


Where do you work in the summer where the temperature reaches 120 degrees? In a lightbulb factory?


Don’t know about jellies but i spend a lot of time at the top of hay barns with metal roofs. Gets that hot pretty often.


I used to work in a linen service with 400*+ boilers and several dryers running constantly.

At my current job I go into factories where Im sure it will be that hot in the summer because theyre even warm this time of the year.


48* this Saturday.


I might go for a ride if it rains pretty hard on Friday to clean some of the salt off the roads!


It sucks I’m going to have to work that night but I might just take out the bike to ride in regardless. Just rode it a few days ago to put it away so salt isn’t much of a factor.

You’re a brave man to take a Harley out in this weather though.


No reason for everyone to be going 45 on 90 this morning.


I had a good reason… my car was trying to kill me!


The all road?


Yeah, apparently with stratched tires and mad tite JDM camber the car feels like the rear end it unattached…


Lol awesome!


It was unequivocally THE most heart pounding ride I have had in a while!


woke up with 4 inches on the ground, thought it wasn’t supposed to start until 1pm.

weatherman have the best job ever


That sounds right, you forgot to do the weatherman time translation equation.


Well looks like we will be getting raped tomorrow with some snow!


Looks like tomorrow night into Saturday is going to be the worst.

I’m fairly convinced that noone has any clue how to predict the weather. Three different stations say different things. One says 6 inches, another says 12, and another says 25.

Appears Boston is going to get hammered. 36+


Well that’s mostly because each station is using a different model for the storm. They have a European, US and Canadian storm prediction forecast models. Usually the European is the most accurate (which is actually the one predicting the most snow I believe).

Oh and FUCK Boston I hope they get 6 feet.


The European is good at the track but tends to be way too generous on its precip totals.


Ill hopefully be doing some backcountry skiing in the Berkshires if the girl doesn’t have to work.