Weather 518


Well left work early since our delivery truck is stuck in Pembroke, NY and on the way home I watched a guy in front of me go off the road on Consaul Rd because he was brilliant and decided hitting the brakes while on a downhill turn was a good idea…

Hit up the Mohawk Commons lot on the way home…AWD + Snow Tires = Good Times.


Office closed as usual. Time 4 a nap b4 sno blo


65 in the 90 is like normal in this shit… Studded snows ftw


75-80 entire ride to work today in the saab with whooped blizaks.

Was fucking around last night at my old stomping grounds in amsterdam. Car is a BLAST in snow. first FWD i ever owned that you could just pitch sideways with a flick of the wheel and just link it all together left to right all day long without the ebrake. awesome controll sideways too.

Only love tapped one yellow light pole with the front bumper. lol Left a little half circle of yellow paint where it smooshed in. I was laughin my ass off. Got out looked at it and it didnt crack anything, popped right back out, and actually didnt scratch the paint! lol BEST CAR EVER!!!


ive got my go pro that im taking video with :slight_smile:


Mine has that tendency too. Initiate a turn and come off the gas and the rear gets happy but its pretty predictable. Not sure how it’d be without the snows on it lol.


It’s dumb cold out. -8 here is what I saw. Some surrounding spots are double digit negatives.


-15 in nh this morning. no big deal




-8… -15… Regardless You can still feel it… The way the shit clings to the air. Shit blizzard.



Trees were good at bretton woods today. Not a very challenging mountain but its fun to cruise around on. There’s a free shuttle from our condo to the mountain which was nice this morning with not having to start the cars


sure was cold on vinyl seats this morning


Saw a shitload of people bitch about it being cold on my Facebook. Work 12 hours outside in it everyday and you can bitch


Lol word. 90% of the people complaining are in it from their front door to the car and to the office door. :rofl




I’ve noticed that as well. Mostly with people complaining about the heat though.


I wasnt complaining about it just pointing out the fact of how cold it was. There’s no such thing as too cold of weather, however there is such a thing as being under dressed lol.


Yea people are retarded, warming up their cars on their lunch break and shit.

Turn key, leave parking lot. Simple shiz but ppl are dopes


harder to dress for heat though


I suppose, but still, most people bitch and complain about it when they spend their day in air conditioning. I’d rather be in the heat than the cold myself, but I don’t think I do much of any complaining about either… and I work outside every day.