Weather 518

We need a weather thread. I know of no other place on this forum to discuss the probability of sleighs raining over PJB’s truckbed.

Oh, and this: cold weather ftw.

lock 1

Bring on the SNOW!!!


44 days until Whiteface opens yo! I’m sure there’ll be plenty of ski trips this year

Fuckin sweet

Should be in the 60’s tomm. I might ride.

Yup definitely gettin the itch to take out the tele skis and give em a good pre season tuning, but the longer I hold out the less time I have to stare at them begging to be ridden. Snow…DO WANT!!!

buying a new snowboard soon, can’t wait for the season to start.

44 more days until Whiteface opens.

I sold all my snowboards last winter. Decided to stilck with my Twin tips, blades & solomon X-wings. Boarding is a pia even with good bindings & gear.

Out of the 3 boards I owned I’ll miss my K2 Podium board. Sick board! I liked it better then my custom built Monson.


I find it amusing as a Russian that I for one do not look forward to the snow.

I’ll deal with it and enjoy it when it comes, but in the meantime I’ll stick with tshirts and traction.

Plowing season is on the horizon

I’ve been plowing all year, don’t know what your talking about…

Elevations above 1400 feet may see some flakes mixing in tomorrow…that makes me excited.

It’s more about tolerating the cold, not enjoying the snow haha. Me and my cousin used to train kick-boxing in my backyard, in the snow, no shirts/shoes. But the older I get, the less and less I like winter. If not for the hassle of driving with other people on the road in it, aswell as the salt eating my cars.

I’m still the one in the office wearing a t-shirt in the winter with the AC on, yelling at my co-workers to “dress warmer because I can’t take any more clothes off” when they get near the thermostat.

cant wait to get on the armadas! god i love those bitches

Just received an e-mail from WTEN saying there’s a winter storm watch in effect for Albany as of 4:17pm.

I call bs. Maybe in the high peaks, but not around here.

I am still jet skiing! lol

I usually ride till end of Nov.

Only 6 more months until April! Cant wait! Fuck the cold/snow.