Well the waiting list for new M3's and 1-series have just gotten a bit longer...


Wow :wow that really sucks for the people waiting for those cars :runaway

Sucks even for more for those taking European delivery.

Find them and bid them down to crazy discounts. BMW is getting insurance money for them so here come the DEALS!!! :banana

thats sad those are nice cars and some of them were fucked up :wow

any of the ones not being repaired will be crushed

? Hardly. They’ll be harvested for parts if they cant be fixed or sold to used parts distributed.

The fixed ones will go for steals at dealerships.

“those cars that were a total loss will be crushed, I asked a BMW rep, he stated that they will not be auctioned as there is a liability for letting those cars on the road.”

says right on the thread

Lies!!! Why would they crush them when a whole bunch of them have perfect new motors, perfect new subframes, etc. BMW is going to put them into a parts bin and wait until people need replacements.


i wonder if the people in Europe found out from the news or from BMW :ponder

because BMW actually cares about the people it sells it’s cars to… most of the m3’s will probably be beaten by crazy ass european’s anyways.

BMW has an amazing reputation, especially in Europe, as a company they would want something to come out of this that could harm that reputation

these were cars slated for american shores, why would they ship cars to new jersey for europeans?

When they say European Delivery it means you fly to the factory, pick out all the fancy little rare options to your hearts content and get the car for a reduced rate iirc, oh, and speculation says you get to lap it around the ring, but i dont know if thats true or not…

and wtf Cossey? you’re on bf.c?

most european companies like SAAB let you drive your car around the area where u are picking it up in europe before it gets sent to your local US dealer

Reputation yes, throwing away thousands of $ for it, I doubt it. If you buy a “new” motor from BMW, it’s just a certified rebuilt motor built from reman used parts (except for springs, etc). All car companies do this to some degree.

yeah you can’t rebuild or even get parts for the e36 zf trans anymore, they’re all refurbs in the dealer network now, non-rebuildable.

Yes, I’m on BF every now and then when I’m in the E36 mood.

You actually purchase the car in germany, its cheaper that way, and then BMW arranges to have it shipped over. I know not all of the people do this, but alot do

^^ My dad’s looking to do this. We heard a rumor that you cant take euro delivery cars on the Nurburgring since they have temp tags for the 7-10 days you’re there, which would put a kink in the plans and probably kill the idea.