Went out for a 2 liter bag of milky colored handbuilt goodness


2015 GLA 45 AMG… Fun little car. :slight_smile: Practical: AWD and fits a golf bag but fun to toss around.



Tax time again? I have never driven or been in one of these yet…
The guys name is Axel, it must be awesome!


I am always trolling the Toy Barn website and saw this car a couple weeks ago. I knew nothing about it but watched some reviews and was surprised how great the reviews were. AMG really built a nice car that is miles ahead of the CLA brother. It is the most powerful 4 cylinder ever in a production car and the suspension is upgraded, not just the shocks and springs. It was produced to compete with the other “hot hatches” but cost much more. So I bought a used one for less money and got the refinement and options of a higher priced car. It really is a ton of fun but is not brutal like my old Evo. It also is way more practical and cheaper than my Carerra S was. With a simple tune it is said it can do 60mph in about 3 seconds!!!
First impressions are great so far but this is my first Merc ownership. Time will tell how good it really is. :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t have the giant wing option or Recaro seats or the carbon fiber dash kit but I really don’t care at this point in my life. :slight_smile:
It has lane assist and rear back up camera and Navi, power hatch, huge sunroof, power seats, etc. My Evo did not even have cruise control. lol

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Oh yeah! It has launch mode and shift lights. :smiley:

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The dual Klutch is no where near Porsche fast and the AWD is not quite QUATTRO but it is still pretty good.


Yay Toy Barn…did you go through Chris again?


Nice! How does it sound?


Nice man


Yeah, Chris. He is a good guy.

It sounds about 4/8ths as good as the RS7. :wink: It does pop between gears in sport mode which sounds neat.


The more I drive it the more I like it. Just driving highways on the way home was not too much fun. Screaming up and down Crump Road near KB is where it gets fun. :slight_smile:


these are awesome cars. I’ve been watching them drop in value also. most people have no idea what they are.


It really is a greatly held secret. I remember when they came out and everyone was like, “Yeah but, I can buy a hot hatch like a Subaru, VW or Mitsubishi for so much cheaper.” The refinement and features of this car is miles ahead of those cars and now they are more affordable. Plus I don’t feel too old to be driving a Mercedes. I would feel weird still driving my Evo. :slight_smile:


I just wish they were like 1 foot longer for more storage in the back.


These already sell used in the used STI/Golf R range and they run 12s stock. I love the idea of buying one for the wife in a couple years but being a teacher her car gets treated rough in the school parking lot. Seems like there is a new ding or bash every six months. I’d guess she commits half of them herself.

Very nice pick up. Fast little hatch that most people don’t know about.


So door ding up a benz


I have always liked these things. I honestly didn’t know they existed for quite some time. I have been keeping my eye on CPO and low mileage ones. What are your updated impressions now that you have had the car for 2 weeks? What are they like in terms of comfort? I bet this is a hoot on Crump. I’ve been over there a few times myself lol.


For the money, this car is awesome. When you think about what you are getting for $35,000 or so it really is great… Of course I have had no repair bills yet. LOL
It is obviously not a huge vehicle but I am 6’2" and it fits me great. I LOVED the look of my Carrera S but they look the same from the diver’s seat. :slight_smile: I realize it is not a Carrera but it is sooooooo much more useful and still a hoot to drive in all weather with room for ski or golf equipment. It will actually oversteer a bit too!

Sure people complimented me every time I pumped gas in the Porsche but this thing hardly ever needs gas so… :smiley:


What does the maintenance schedule for this look like? Can you post a picture of the schedule from the owners manual?


I could but then I would have to see the reality of it. lol
Let me check it out and see if I can post it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Update on your impressions? Any issues? With prices dropping I am continuing to consider buying one this summer. There are a few on Autotrader under $30k now :flushed:


So far so good. I have not driven it in a while because there is something rattling in the AC fan. It is probably a mouse considering every f**king car I own seems to get mice in them. :frowning: