What do you ride thread!


2003 Suzuki SV650S

Hot Bodies Undertail
Motosliders Frame Sliders
Tinted Winscreen
Grab Bar Removal
OEM Seat Cowl
OEM Optional Fairings
Debaffled Exhaust
Flush Mount LED Signals
Tank/Gas Cap carbon pads
Gel Grips
Lowered Seat
+3 Rear Sprocket


what happened to the 636?


just got the reply in the email, things are looking good for it, now just gotta go back to boston to pick it up


Currently have an 01 sv650s but moving up to

as soon as i get the loan and everything.



pickin this up tomorrow… not the exact bike but… 2006 cbr600rr… in silver…



nakked 250 ftw
it aint pretty but it gets me places.


Don’t downplay the 250 man Im sure you can have tons of fun on it.


didn’t mean to, it’s a fun little shit.
but it’s got a face only a mother could love. ;D

it doesn’t look half-bad naked though, i don’t think i’ve seen one without plastic besides mine.



^ props to the camera man on this one


I love those 600rr’s, I was going to pick that exact one up until I stumbled upon my R6 that I got for a killer deal.
How are you running the fender eliminator kit on that bike? I know on the fender kit’s they integrated the tail light right into it and it was making it difficult for people to do fender eliminator’s. Curious to see how yours came out.


I’m running the 03-06 tail light its a tight fit but it goes in the tail piece…you can sort of see it here



cool pic


^Ive seen your bike before…you live in scotia down the road from a friend of mine ^


yea that was me


Well i had an 03 gsxr600

But i was salvaged so i sold it

and still have an 04 Cr250


My R6 (pics don’t show most current mods)






2007 Triumph Daytona 675.
Not my picture but exact mods and color
…for the time being.


god that bike is sex


id have to say if it came down to buying something in the 600 class that would be my pick


i dont have a bike, but after this year i’m gonna be looking to get a CBR1000RR. might pick up a shitty bike to learn on, seeing as how i’ve only rode dirt bikes.