What your gas money pays for!

These where apart of a joke that, stated what our US money pays for when we purchase gas. The AUDI 86 was made for a SHeik, its no silver in color, its made out of silver.


nice :cool:

k-dawg, you find the name of that song.

wow, thats fucking insane!

no thats actually just a very expensive paint/ sanding job


It’s obviously not merely the tasteful aerodynamics kit or the subtle engine work that makes this particular Audi an amazing specimen. Created by German tuning shop and Audi specialist, Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM) for a client in Dubai, this MTM-tuned A8 also happens to be really really (really) shiny. The original paint was completely stripped to the metal (and plastic) using the finest-grained sandpaper this side of a baby’s bonnet. Then, the metal parts were polished to a high gloss, while the plastic parts were layered in a chrome-emulating series of paints and varnishes. Afterward, the 4.2-liter V8 was also tweaked to 450hp, a custom, ride-leveling suspension was installed and a set of really (really) shiny MTM rims were fitted. More pics after the jump. [Thanks to Mario for the tip.]


i was thinking it might have been that

thats quality…speaking of chrome paint…anyone peep the new color scheme for the McClaren/Mercedes F1 team…very nice!

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Good luck keeping that bitch shiny.