Whats the deal with this supra?


guys been trying to sell this supra forever… Whats the deal with it any hidden NY speed information?

loose the kit, ill drive it

hood doesn’t look like it lines up. Reason for kit and fresh paint? Carfax?

It would be in my garage if it wasn’t for the hideous bodykit. Hood looks fine just un-latched. He should post engine pics.


Its Ghey…

looking at it in person is probably a good way of finding out what it’s deal is.

same here

No no no no no, just ask people about it.

:word: Especially people that know nothing more about it than you do.

i know the guy that owns it. it wasn’t in an accident. he bought it about 4 years ago, and it was stock. from what i remember, it runs well, i have actually driven it a few times. but that was probably 2 years ago, so who knows what has happened since.

Gasoline saved.

The car was part of a circus show that traveled from city to city. More clowns have been squeezed into that car than penises in Jenna Jamison’s vag.

Bo Bo the clown heard from the side show that he was going to be cut from the show and replaced by a younger, sexier clown. This made him pissed so he took the car down the 90 on a high speed chase. Got to cleveland and was forced to stash the car in a covered garage. A telephone pole fell on the car causing damage to the body and the heart of Bo Bo. He worked long days and spent his nights rebuilding the car using parts off Ebay and resulted with the product you see now.

exactly how did you know