When Having a Bad Day


Well when you are having a bad day or just in a terrible fucking mood what do you do about it? :rant::banghead::meh::(:cry::blah::mad:


drink a few beers in the garage while working on some fiberglass personally


Today, since I am also in a bad mood, I intend to go home and hopefully my girlfriend is in a good mood and will cheer me up with some sex or something.

If that doesn’t work… fuck if I know. Play a video game to get your mind off of it? Go into a different state of mind to block reality for a bit?


i drink


go shoot some shit.


Fire one off.


when im feeling down. i try to find the good in what i do have around me.

Recently i been pretty bumbed cuz ive been out of work and having trouble sleeping.

I did some fishing in the pond out back of the house, rode my quad for awhile around the yard.

Usually bike rides with don to clear my head help 2. but the weather recently sux.

and i feel for ya. after finding the good and riding the quad for about 5 mins. it took a shit on me and wont start. Sometimes when it rains it pours. but look for the best in things, try to remain positive, and things will come around.


If I’m in a bad mood I let it fester and get even more pissed off.

Eventually it goes away, I’m usually not very grumpy/negative.


post bad grammar and spelling for people to get pissed off about, so that they can post and i can laugh about there hatred

Canon EOS 50D, 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM and 10-22 USM

sorry im out of here guys. i cant fight back right now. talk tomorrow. lol


I listen to this song:

Whenever life get you down
Keeps you wearing a frown
And the gravy train has left you behind
And when your all out of hope
Down at the end of your rope
And nobody’s there to throw you a line

If you ever get so low
That you don’t know which way to go
Come on and take a walk in my shoes
Never worry 'bout a thing
Got the world on a string
Cause i’ve got the cure for all of my blues (all of his blues)

I take a look at my enormous penis
And my troubles start a-meltin’ away (ba-doom bop bop)
I take a look at my enormous penis
And the happy times are comin’ to stay (be-doo)

I got a sing and I dance
When I glance in my pants
And a-feelin’s like a sun shiny day
I take a look at my enormous Pe-e-enis
And a-everything is goin’ my way (ba-doom bop bop)

Whistle Solo

Zubudo zus zus zuboo-davey ba jud zud zuboo-day
Vabyado vuz vuz ba shoo-ba-do wah
Zubudo zub zub shaloo dub dub pe-e-enis

Sing along at home why don’t you?
Two, three

I take a look at my enormous penis (it’s not that hard)
And my troubles start a-meltin’ away (just Bob and Tom)
I take a look at my enormous penis
And the happy times are comin’ to stay (be-doo)
Yeah i got great big amounts in the place where it counts
And the feelin’s like a sun shiny day
I take a look at my enormous pe-e-enis
And a-ev’rything is goin’ my way (on bob and tom now)
Ev’rything is goin’ my way (hey look at these goobers)
Ev’rything is goin’ my way (Ai-chi-wow-wah)
Ev’rything is goin’ my waaaaaaaaay


did you just argue with yourself?


Come on here and read the political and gas price threads.

I usually cheer up pretty quickly when I realize my problems could be a lot worse… I could be retarded like most of the posters in those threads. :slight_smile:


I am generally not in bad moods and almost never think negative. Hell i preach about how pointless it is. But at this point i have been feeling terrible for a few weeks now and it is getting straight shitty. It is getting bad enough that it is crushing my productivity so I have to do something about it i guess. BTW guys no more shooting things for me my mission is complete here, our replacements are here and took over I am just waiting to fly out.


^ You’re waiting to fly out and you’re in a bad mood? I would think you’d be happy as could be right now.

Maybe just your subconscious resisting change?

Pick something you really enjoy doing and make time for it.


takes alot for me to be mad about something, and in those cases, I try to talk myself into NOT getting on my bike. Angry riding is dangerous sometimes.

Distractions are key. Being around other people is absolutely the best thing to get your mind off of things. Don’t let it boil in your head sitting there alone.


lol no. that was to everyone that argued in the thread i posted about the atm.


does rape count?


Well if you are on your home, i’m sure things will be better soon. Besides it is almost summer!!

Rescued a pitt last night

so you havent gotten laid in a while huh. that could be a big part of your problem