When the Levee broke


Parts 1 & 2

Parts 3 & 4

just on fucking real!

Thats rediculous. And I’m not talking just about the situation. The movie was as well. If anyone is intelligent enough, they would see its biased.

maybe my leprechaun flute will make them realize if they dont help themselves no one will.

have you ever been down there…and see how they lived? we could of given them a month and all teh support in the world and still wouldent of gotten everyopne out…

No its not that. And I agree with you. I’m done while im ahead. Watch the movie and form your own opinion.

Hey…they didn,t fucking listen to anyone and stood thier ground so it is basically thier fault. I hate to see people die in situations like that but they had atleast a weeks warning to get the fuck out of there.

alot of them stayed to loot


forget the fact that some got stranded there, some stayed…

they re-elected the politicians that wouldn’t spend already budgeted money on actually repairing the levees. :doh: how can you complain about how you’re not cared about and then proceed to re-elect the very politicians that left you to die?

Becasue they promise to make the levee atleast anothe 3ft higher:hsugh:

Free Air Jordan’s > *


i just watched it last night on HBO, and I must say its probably one of the most disgusting movies I have seen in a while. Spike Lee is a total tool bag! I hate how he shows one side of the story and always starts this us vs them shit. The govt (white man) is holding new orleans people(black man) down. fuck that! The area that were flooded were filled with both white and black people, both good and bad people. It was a natural disaster not a attack upon the people!

I understand people got really royaly screwed on insurance and have no place to work. BUT MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS was hiring for $12-15hr for being a regular employee. i forget the exact amount. damn i would swallow my pride in a heartbeat to make that just get somewhat back on my feet.
but nope, they where shorthanded :rolleyes:
also its about the same living expenses as up here.