When you see it, you'll shit a brick


the man with the biggest balls of all…

shitty video of it…



Darwin nominee?

WTF even goes through your mind at this point!!

I like how the other old guy is ducking. lmao.
It reminds me of that rally video where the old idiot is standing in the road all befuttled.

“Worker’s comp, here I come!”

If he was three feet to his right, it would have been his camera :uhh:

wow!!! that guys is crazy!!! i would just ducked behind the wall lol.

Wow! Yeah, he’s super lucky

balls of steel may be the understatement of the year. thats dedication to your profession i guess


I don’t know what was going through his mind, but he was probably shitting a brick at that moment.

This is one thread that actually delivers.

As I scrolled down I kept thinking “holy shit”

Pretty neat set of photos!

Uhhhhhhhh… this guy cares a little too much about his job… and with that I salute him.

I’ve heard of doing what it takes to get the shot…but daaaaamn

Dedication… or super slow reaction time + dementia?

i like how the tire is smoking on top of the wall hahaha, that guy deff gets sum serious cred for standing there like that, i woulda ran

huge balls or slow reaction time
either way awesome pics!

His pics are a bit grainy. Fail.


now i have this brick in my toilet and it wont flush…wtf do i do

Balls of steel or Dumb as rocks?


Maybe he can’t stand his wife anymore.