Where to get wheel fixed?

I just noticed that one of my wheels is bent pretty bad. Want to know of a good place to have it fixed. Thanks

Alloy wheel repair specialists.
Contact: Mark Himmelreich
Stuyvesant, New York
Telephone: 518-858-3379

This is the guy who took care of Petes (FNSkanks) OEM BBS 18s. He did a really good job of getting them straight. He’ll probably chime in if he sees this, but I saw first hand. Not to mention he’s a really good guy to deal with even though he’s not the closest one to us!

thanks man. How much do ya think I would be expecting to spend?

I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was a little over $100 a wheel so make sure it’s worth it first. It’s a little pricey, but they come out perfect. Not to mention depending on severity it may be less!

yeah… Im thinkin I may just order a new wheel if they are not on backorder.

Yeah I bought cheaper wheels too and sometimes it’s just not worth it, lol! Then again his turn around time is quick. Just give him a shout anyway, it can’t hurt to ask. I mean, it’s not like the wheel is totally wrecked, is it?

mark is good guy. i’ve had wheels done by him few times. its around 100 per bent rim, and more for cracked ones. the turnaround time is usually net day. i def. recommend him.

can he fixed forged wheels?

i don’t see why not. give him a call and ask. he straightened my 2 piece bbs re092/ 093 no problem.

I had him look at my bent SSR Comps and he couldn’t do anything about it :frowning:
I guess if the bend is on the outside lip then it is tougher to repair and may crack. Hopefully your bend isn’t on the outside lip. :wow

he fixed 2 of mine that had outside lip bends… hmmm

Yeah mine was bent on the outside lip. But I ordered a new wheel. Figured for a few bucks more I’d rather have a new wheel