Which Wideband Setup?

Looking for recomendations on a wideband setup. Don’t need data logging or anything, just a barebones setup, trying to keep the cost low. Was thinking about the PLX M-300


Any other alternatives?

I know I had a thread on the barf about this but can’t log in over there :mamoru:

I have the PLX-300. It’s the best of the bunch as well as the most affordable IMO. It’s very simple to wire up but if you are planning on using it in the car permanently, feeding the harness for the sensor through the firewall is kind of a pain because it’s quite large. I think I am going to have to remove the metal plugs from the harness first and then reinsert them after it’s through the firewall.

If you plan to log it with some sort of fuel management, I has a resistor to clean the signal up that needs to be wired in which can prove a tad tricky depending on where your ECU and wiring harness is.

I know Innovative Tuning resells the PLX so give Mike or Justin a call over at 716 674 2334 and get a price from them. I am sure they are competative.

innovative LC-1


Yup. If you want a wideband setup without logging or anything this is the way to go. They’re 199 for the sensor and controller, but I can give you a discount on this item as an NYSpeed member.

If you want a wideband with a display I like the Innovate LM-1 at $349 (minus discount) or the PLX M-300 which I can do for $313.


edit: BTW…I’m not allowed to advertise or post online any price below retail on Innovate products, otherwise I’d just say it. :wink: I’m allowed to give you guys a discount, I just can’t post what it is online.

Thanks Mike,

I’d rather support a sponser :tup: I’ll get ahold of you when I’m ready. I assume shipping won’t be a problem?

Just need to find someone to weld a bung in for me and I’ll probably be ready to pick it up.

:word: what about the UEGO

UEGO is close to $450 depending but you get a nice blinky gauage to go with it. It works with the EMS to autotune your car IIRC with a target A/F.


is what I got. Good price and a nice tiny display that is easy to fit about anywhere.

jaeger has this also, have not used it yet but, seems like a nice unit and the display is very thin/small compared to most others.