White/Black 300ZX Turbo [56k drives a Toyota]

Well figured I’ve been browsing the boards long enough to post some pics of my car. Maybe some of you from Lethbridge will recognize it.


Damn man, that thing looks showroom! :prayer:

NOICE. I like it I like it. I knew someday we would take over this forum…

Nice! You’ve got the AE Side skirts and rear fenders with the Kaminari front air dam I like it! Can’t wait to see you out at the meets this summer! Finally some more Z31’s! :smiley:

Unfortunately a minor fender bender about a month ago put a pig dent in the driver side front fender and cracked the Kaminari dam up quite a bit. Hopefully by summer i have it all fixed though. Thinking of just painting the new dam body colour, with a painted black lip at the bottom…what do you guys think?

I don’t know if you are familar with Z31.com but “inquizitor” did that with his kaminari lip and I think it looks good.

Yeah I got the idea from inquizitor. Do you post on z31.com? On there I’m Winston85T

Yeah I got the idea from inquizitor. Do you post on z31.com? On there I’m Winston85T[/quote]

On the occasion I post there. On there I’m Zazam as well.

wow that car is MINT!

Your car looks awsome
The black on white is no doubt badass, but it would look way cleaner having everything color matched IMO. I mean just look at SRBURG13’s car :wow

wow, nice car. thats probably the nicest one i have ever seen

Its about time you posted pics of your car. Looks really good. You get that boost controler yet?

They didn’t have them at princess auto anymore, unless I’m blind or something.

Yeah man, ive seen the car around. Looks like its friggen mint. Hope to see ya out this year.

have a regulator off one of my paint guns you can use :slight_smile:

I tryed it on my silvia when i first got it and it worked better than the $100 one from Mopac.

ya, ive seen that car, dean had it forever, bringin it to the leth car show every year!
hopefully u didn tpay over 5 G’s for her but nice to see anther 300 in town!

btw can u purchase those 50th fender flares anywhere, u must be able to!

anyways nice 300, ill have to take a shot at it this summer after i get a new clutch

Dean owned it for about 2 years before he sold it to me. I paid exactly 5g’s for it. I feel bad about how it looks after I got ahold of it. :?

5k for a turbo Z31 in that condition isn’t bad at all.

Why not pay over 5g’s?? It is in amazing condition for a z31.

WOW…i see you driving around every now and again. nice car man!