who really thinks slow is going to by the orangess???

i mean holy shit, every other thread their is a comment that he is dancing around buying sams car… i bet he doesn’t even buy it!

he better buy it before the TA is sold or it’s mine. :sadwavey:

exqueeze me? :eek3:

I was toying with the idea of getting rid of the TA and getting the OrangeSS. I spoke to the wife about it last night and she said it depends on what I get for the TA.


I bet he doesnt

holy shit batman…how much u asking for…and whats all done???

orange turd or the purple flamer.

hard decison, both autos :greddy2: :booty: :kiss:

mines for sale to!!!

I think Slow will get a LS1 before smokey burnouts gets a zo6

i’d like to see Slow get that thing. i dont even want a camaro and in the back of my head i’d kinda like to have it. LT1 style body is my favorite and i like orange alot. i’m probably not going to, but that’d be sweet if Slow gets it.

Should build a LS1 Foxbody :kekegay: :blue:

“Ford Tough Chevy Stuffed”

or someone in the board keep it in the family :grouphug:

actions speak louder than words…

comming from you means what…hmmmmmmmmmmm…i am surprised you just didn,t take the mach one in for a oil change and got a cobra power plant put in for free

damn! :rofl:
here we go again-move to e-fighting


I did… along with a sonic blue paint job, new hood, rocker panels, independant rear, wheels, front and rear bumpers, interior etc. It was a damn good deal jiffy lube was running

did they replace your distributor cap also :kekegay:

damn i took my talon in for an oil change and all i got was crankwalk