Why I can have nice things...

And why you work at the mall.

Two machines i designed more than 50% of. Front and center at the biggest Oil & Gas exploration conference/trade show in the country. The competition has been crushed, and by their own admission. Awesome response, great product. :slight_smile:



those motors used to shake my bum.

(not the sg3x)

:tup: to you newman

You have worked hard to have the things you have, and it must feel good to be able to show it off…

Wow thats very impressive. Nice work!

good job

so what do they do?

The remove drill cuttings from the lubricant/coolant that comes out of the hole as they drill for oil.

they fondel dirt. they shake shake it…but yes newman those new machines look fantastic. phase out any of the old ones?

coo foo

Very awesome indeed. :tup:

not yet, but it will probably obsolete the 513/4…

we’re working on a lower cost version 606/8 to obsolete the 503/4


what about the 283/5 and the 0932.2/5?

i hear they’ve been slacking lately

Did you come up with the name as well… I could see you naming something DP.

nice use of the shaker motors as tablelegs, lol

i guess this means i touch newmans equipment at work …

haha, no. but i snicker every time the mention it.

lots of money in oil these days.
we are on track to gross over 20 mil this year.
up from 12 3 years ago.

Viatran is @ OTC as well :slight_smile:
but i dont get to go.

does this mean you get a raise?

Outstanding! :tup: