Wife wanted to cuddle.....

… hubby wanted to watch sports


:bloated: wow…

That’s just fucking crazy. What a twisted son of a bitch.

sid and nancy and craftsman :tspry:

wow… crazy…:hang:

nuts …

i want to know why she wanted to cuddle w/ tthe nutcase … cause u know that wasnt the first time he was psycho

wow thats bloated

quote: “He confessed to a bartender at a sports bar before his arrest. He told investigators that his wife had been nagging him to come back to bed.”

woah…thats nuts… :bloated:

The fact the he struck her 70 times with the “claw hammer” says this relationship was never ment to be. He was probably fed up the the woman for a long time.

damn talk about being tenderized.

what a sick sick bastard

edit- and this is when people should be put to death the same way they murdered a person.

thats just fucked up

I’m glad I don’t watch sports :slight_smile:

oh geez…psyyyycho

he couldn’t watch sports and cuddle at the same time? :hitit:

:lol: I just want to hear the conversation between him and the bartender… I mean… if you were the bartender would you believe some guy if he said he just killed his wife because she wanted to cuddle? I’d probably laugh at him…

unless his clothes were dripping with blood and he walked in a put a hammer on the bar also dripping in blood… then i might be scared.

damn…you have to be seriously fucked up to just keep swinging the hammer that many times. wonder if he still watched the game after he killed her?

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: WTF

ya i saw this onthe news last night lol

thats awesome.

Offord did not speak in court but said in a jailhouse interview in June: “I figured I killed her so I deserve to die.”


omg thats so stupid