Wife wants to divorce husband for wanting to see her face after 30 years...


I just can’t wrap my head around how some people can take a tradition so far that they won’t let their children or husband ever see what they look like? I mean this goes way beyond, say what you will about burkah’s and the majority of strict religious customs this just boggles my mind.

Her word’s: “Marriage is about love, not faces.” What the fuck is wrong with some people, nobody is even pressuring this woman. God only knows how that wedding night went.

she’s ugly and she knows it


Well then I personally would practice the Islamic custom of beating the shit out of my wife.

Disclaimer: I personally do not advocate hitting women ever. I’m just being a jerk.


Waiting for this kinda case to come up in court

ridiculous is all that comes to mind

I wonder what her teeth look like since she has obviously never been to a dentist :oc

yea looks like a simple case of a “butter face”…

“she had a smoooookin’ hot body! but her face was fucking terrifying!”

I bet she has a mustache.


who the fuck cares about her or her religion.

I dunno, but you are no longer the FTP god

yeah i know, poor me.

i wonder if she would allow a bag over her head during sex?

i wouldn’t mind as long as i could pee on her veil.

Tradition or not, how the hell can you marry or fall for someone with out seeing their face? Was she like a super nice person to be around? Did they fall deep into conversations staring into the slot where her eyes are?


Pfftttt… I thought it was against tradition to not get a divorce as well. So much for tradition.

The woman nominated one of her friends who doesn’t observe this tradition as a possible new wife for him, saying this would be better than her showing her face.


the funny comment is he lifted it… and swore never to again… she must be purdy!

“She said the husband apologized and promised never to do it again”

yea, shes ugly if he will never do it again.

:lol: ahahahahahahahah…r. kelly style on that skeezer