Will Biden be the 2024 Democratic Nominee

  • Yes, they’re stuck with his senile ass and will drag him to the election Weekend at Bernie’s style
  • No, they’re going to replace the senile bastard with one of their other idiots in waiting
  • What are you talking about? Biden is one of the best candidates in my lifetime and the Orange Man is going to end democracy as we know it
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2 votes? That’s it? I know this really feels like a tossup right now but come on, make your guess.

I think they’re sticking with Biden just because there are so many legal hurdles to swap him out at this point, especially if you want to pick anyone other than Harris (and the DNC knows she’s even worse than Biden). From campaign finance regs to convention rules to various state deadlines it’s going to be a lawsuit nightmare for them to try and swap Biden for someone else.

On the other hand… man… if they go forward with Biden I don’t see how in the hell he’s going to win. Oh sure, you’ll claim they’ll cheat but cheating only works when it’s close. Try and cheat a landslide and you’re going to get caught.

If they go forward with Biden political ads with all the democrats and extreme left media calling him unfit for office are going to run 24/7 from now until election time. The republicans will just run ads saying, “Hey, this isn’t us trashing Biden, this is his own people trashing him”. That’s just brutal to try and overcome. Then you have to figure out what to do with Biden between now and the election. Even in his pre-recorded, definitely scripted, highly edited interview (probably done inside his 10am to 2pm “peak brain time”) at democrat friendly ABC with ex Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos Biden still looked terrible and even said, “He’d beat Trump again in 2020”. You can’t hide him without another covid (so watch out for bird flu to take off, or some super covid strain to emerge) and every time you put him in front of a mic he further confirms how bad he is.

What a time to be alive.

I think they want to replace him, but wouldn’t count on it happening. The biggest concern I have is more about allowing illegals to vote.

I think he will be Hillary’d and they’ll put in Michelle O as president.


I suspect a Big Mike replacement as well.

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my bet has been on michelle since they boxed out RFK

They have $500M in funds that have to get returned to donors if FJB or Kamala drop out.
That’s a fun twist.

Prez Kamala in a few weeks, then the planet will align to insure it looks like she cures childhood cancer,

There is a very broad spectrum of possible outcomes/pivots they could implement and i think the ends of each side of the spectrum are beyond what reasonable people (like ourselves) could even fathom.

5 years ago we would all have thought it preposterous to fake a global pandemic but they did it and probably a third of people or more still believe it was real.

No one would have thought they could get done with the kill shot vaccines what they did either, but they did and they still are doing it depsite it being very knowable what the real dangers are.

Then we see the scale of fraud they were able to get away with in 2020. There is no reason to think they couldnt double or triple that amount of fraud, get caught, but still evade any accountability and prosecute the people that catch them.

It’s too late, Biden has pledged delegates and he’s not leaving the race.

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stuff like this makes me think theyd send the world into ww3 to suspend the election and keep power.

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who better to start WW3 than Kamala.

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“what can be, unburdened by what has been”


you mean like they already instructed their puppet leader to do in Ukraine?

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Hey, we’re giving F16’s to Ukraine!