Winter Getaway


Looking for an overnight winter getaway. Preferably a cabin with a hot tub outside, typical cliche stuff.

Anyone have any recommendations? Willing to drive up to an hour.


Holiday valley?


Yeah I was checking that out, niagara on the lake too. Just seeing if anyone has any go-to spots


A 1 hour drive is limiting. If you’re willing to up your game to 2 or 3 hours, head north into the Muskoka area.


Could check out

They have a bunch of cabins around the finger lakes. Two night minimum though.

We stayed at the Aurora Inn this past spring. It was very nice and the food was amazing. Might be a hike from Buffalo though






Grossly overrated. The wife and I did an anniversary weekend there a few years ago (Pillar and Post) and felt like the youngest people there by a long shot (and I’m one of the older ones on this site). In fact while we were there I got the email about the Holiday Valley Beer and Wine festival and we both said, “we should have done that as a weekend getaway instead”.


Thanks for the input fellas. Some of those cabins looked really nice but I was hoping for a one night getaway. Hmmm @JayS i will take that into consideration, funny enough someone actually mentioned P&P to me today.


Check out 124 on Queen at NOTL. We’ve stayed there the last two years for our anniversary for 2 nights in the villas they have as a separate building. Very nice just $