WNY Real Estate

@bing Wanted waterfront on Grand Island where his kids could swim without being swept downstream. That place solves his issue. :slight_smile:

That is a LOT of money for 2200 sq/ft though. You’re pretty much paying for the giant pond and land.

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yeah i saw that the first day it was listed.

Grand Island is weird. very little to do there but plenty of decent homes if you feel like overpaying for them and then over paying for taxes and then paying the cover-charge every time you come and go off the island.

Lewiston isn’t much better minus the cover charge.

When the shit really hits the fan Grand Island has huge defensibility advantages. Move a couple K rails up on the 2 bridges and station a few guys with AR-15’s and you’re protected from all land incursions. Not too hard to get to it by water though.


I love that this is the mindset haha

should blow one of the bridges.
And when people need to be exiled you can make them walk out onto the ice at the northern end like in Batman.

I mean, if Grand Island hasn’t come into your drunken TEOTWAWKI discussions are you even a WNY man?

And Navy Island since it’s uninhabited, just above the falls, with deep water and pretty switft currents all around it with great fishing.

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K. I mean… i love this… but also… wtf?!?..lol

If things get that bad i would likely have been killed already.

This is it. If shit really hit the fan, you’re not lasting very long unless you have some crazy ass bunker and a team of archers / snipers to keep people away from your ingress / egress points and vents, etc.

well i think the smartest thing to do would be to join you in canada and head as far north as feasible.

i’d say it has more to do with food supply and having a community of people worth rebuilding with that will be the bigger challenge.

probably most of the population will zombify pretty quickly.

Making islands on an island is one of modern man’s finest achievements.

Also, Grand Island has deer so you could live off that for a while.


this is an interesting one…

Date Event Price Price/Sqft Source
09/18/2023 Listed $450,000 $152 WesternNewYork
01/28/2022 Sold $420,000 $163 WesternNewYork
11/22/2021 Listed $449,900 $175 WesternNewYork

i remember this one from last year when it was listed for $450k, sold for $420k and now listed again.

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I can’t figure out what typical price/sq ft is anymore but it seems most homes in my area are going for around $200/sq ft. Will be interesting to see where that house you found ends up going for. Ayer connects Maple with Klein, not exactly a neighborhood-like atmosphere which may turn some people off.

Yep, gets a TON of traffic from people avoiding the backup on Youngs at rush hour.

Holy Pine

Seriously… WTF was going on here?

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Must be haunted

here’s another one listed last year and relisted this year but with some considerable updated done:


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That one took “millennial grey” to another level.

F that mirror and the house in the front yard. Also, who fences in part of 0.5 of 5.5 aces? Train your dog…or kids,