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this is exceptional advice.


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That’s cool, it’s already set up then!

I mean, maybe if it was an active meth lab with proven profitability…


Going to go see this. I spend a lot of my free time in the city with my friends and I’d live there if it wasn’t so expensive to have a garage.

This dude was asking almost a million dollars in 2019

down to 300 after cutting off 100k a week ago

House is probably beat to shit but it’s .6 acres across from delaware park next to elmwood

10 car shop

I doubt I will buy this. they’re also asking for cash only but i feel like it’s worth spending 20 minutes to go see it

NYspeed club house?

I’m in for 15k

Was this a place of importance? I used to live around the corner from here.

I was kind of considering asking a few people I know, trying to go check it out this afternoon.

whats up with that potomac place anyways?

all single family homes and then this old ugly spot with a garage taking up 2 lots?

Also blows my mind that this property has been reduced by more than 50%. It must be a complete shit hole inside.

That place is going to need a ton of money beyond the $300k to make it livable/up to code I bet. It’s a huge red flag that they’re only showing you exterior and drone shots, plus a couple of the electrical panel. Like Bing said, the interior must be BAD.

Couldn’t get a showing today possibly tomorrow

@JayS & @bing Look at this price history LOL this place has to be fucked on the inside

Last sold for 90K I believe. Beautiful location though, I love that area, safe too. It’s a couple streets over from homes that are 1.5M+.

If I lived there I’d buy one of these and only drive my cars to work


Maybe they’ll take 150 lol

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if you could find a good operator to run a good shop and pay a good rent and then rehab the house somehow it is certainly an interesting prospect.

honestly, maybe just tear the house down and rebuild.

$299k seems like not much above what the lot value would be there. just the address and the lot size must be $200k in that neighbourhood no?

For 200K i’d def snag it up and keep my existing home

taxes in the city are incredibly cheap too. This lot is 5X mine and the taxes are cheaper than my tiny home

lol nice

Sure, but where? :thinking:

Sure, but where? :thinking:

did you or anyone else go see this?

was just snooping around and it came up again.