Worst Bosses to Work For


"Walt Disney

The man behind the Mouse was a suspicious control freak – a dictatorial boss who underpaid his workers, clashed with labor organizing efforts, made anti-Semitic smears about the other Hollywood studio heads, and wouldn’t give due recognition to Mickey’s real creator, animator Ub Iwerks, who was supposedly his oldest friend.

He also spied prodigiously for J. Edgar Hoover and cooperated with Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1960s."

feel so bad for rockitte :sad:

Henry Ford: “He cheated on his wife with his teenage personal assistant and then had the younger woman marry his chauffeur as a cover” :pimp:

I was just going to say… ford and rockefeller were psychopaths.

i dunno man, i worked for this dude named Nick raberto at Whiting…he was such a cock for. i wanted to beat him with a 2x4.

Ub Iwerks was definitely not the creator of Mickey Mouse. Mickey was created by Walt on a train ride back to Chicago. Iwerks AFTER Mickey was created did help out with animation of future Mickey cartoons, but he was not the creator of Mickey. I also know a greeter of mine, who worked with Walt personally, and from what I know, Walt wasn’t a dictator but he was picky as to how his workers looked, hence the “Disney Difference” and the “Disney look”. That’s what makes Disney what it is.

And Krazy, I love where I work and remember, Walt’s Dead…so there’s no reason to feel sorry for me! :slight_smile:

i know :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, last time I checked you had a…oh what’s that called…oh yeah! A GIRLFRIEND!