WPA-PSK password decryptor

i found out my neighbor has wireless internet but its is WPA-PSK password protected what are some decryptor programs to get the password. i want to see if i can “borrow” his internet

they have programs for this???

want to trade kiddie porn over his connection or something?

u got it beck lives next to me



Its not impossible, just more difficult than say WEP. Id suggest getting kismet(linux) or kismac(osx). There are others, google is your friend. btw if your on M$ you’re fuct, no program exists yet.

WPA is nasty to get through… WEP is easy… WPA god bless your efforts

programs may not be avail… but something like this … is more like a script… scripts where open source would probably prevail… someone on the MS side would have to want to crack this, i know a few that woud love to accept this challenge


its, illegal. so im not helping you.

I think the only way is to brute force… Have fun!

i was with a hacker, well professional hacker a few day ago at a client.

it takes about 24 hours to crack, max. but it can be done.

lol kids

24 hours max? I say bullshit…

24 hours max if its a novice user with a 7 or 8 character password :slight_smile:

I like to keep my WPA-PSK passwords up above 17 characters, so that anyone trying a brute force would require the age of the universe to MAYBE get through :slight_smile:

Or, maybe I’ll just turn on WPA-PSK2 and pretty much make it worthless for anyone to try.

WPA-PSK is all brute force. Of course, I have seen PLENTY of clients of mine with 7 or 8 character long WPA passwords. SOOOOO… 24 hours is a good possibility on one of those networks.

However, before you start… you don’t get to know how long the password is. It COULD take 24 hours, or it COULD take 24 years. :slight_smile:

Just stick to cracking WEP. If you can’t find one, build a $50 cantenna. Google search is your friend. There are plenty of pringles can writeups…


what is a cantenna going to do, i dont understand that concept

signal is amplified and can be directed much more efficiently than a regular antenna. Instead of going equally in all directions it is “pointed” through the cantenna.

WEP cracking is really dependent on the manufacturer of the router. Linksys, D-link, and others still use the shit algorithm for encryption. But the whole point is that 802.11 is an open standard so they threw this flawed encryptions scheme on it. An arp injection attack brings the attack time down, lowest I’ve seen is around 3 minutes under optimal conditions. Goddamn macs cant do arp injection so it takes around 5 days IF you get A LOT of traffic moving through.

so can actually pick up someone else network if there is one around with it.

the only network that i found was the one

yea its possible that you can pick up fainter signals with it. Could also be that there arent any others around.