WTB: 2000 or 2001 2.5 RS, 5sp, good condition

Finally settled on my next daily driver/winter vehicle. Let me know if you find one in good condition for $6-7k. Must be standard.

join the club man…i love those cars… :nod

2.5RS FTW!!

check www.unysoc.org , and check www.nasioc.com they would be your best vehicle specific sites.

Damn man, good luck. If you find one in good shape, keep it! That would be a beautiful swap recipient. Or I know of a pretty ‘cheap’ 2.5 turbo kit… :thumb

I am in contact with 3 or 4 sellers right now for cars in stock form. I dont plan on doing much modding since I waste enough time on my Sol doing that… However I would love to drop a WRX EJ205 into one of these if it didn’t total around 10k to do it right. I actually found a Impreza L with a WRX engine in it that I was about to buy but it is having major problems now. I woulda just taken that and thrown on some RS body pieces.