WTB: 80's Honda Z50

I am looking for a late 70’s to mid 80’s Honda Z50R dirtbike. Prefer something mostly complete. If it needs work thats fine. I am looking to restore it anyways. I may consider a mini trail or ZB50 as well. Email me with pics and what your looking to get for it.

Im not looking to go over $500 for a bike, especially if it needs a bit of work.




jimmy marr has one of theses, as frank for his number im not sure if he still has it though

My dad has a few mid-late 70’s ones, actually maybe they’re early 70’s. But two are unrestored, one is a CT70, and one he fully restored down to every single little detail and sold for bank. I’ll dig up pictures of the restored one and find out if he wants to sell any of the others.

I thought he only had the XR that he wheelies for miles? Will have to talk to him.

Yea definitly find out for me. Like I said I would like a Z50, but may consider the trail.

I told you 2 days ago that jimmy had a trail 50 ya jerkoff.

I do not recall this, calling him up later on then if you have his number.


Seen that one, I’m really looking to stay around 300-400 for something that I am restoring anyways. It’s just going to sit in my living room like the last one did.

I wanna get my hands on a 80’s fatcat there beast in the woods.