WTB: 98-2001 Camaro SS/Trans Am

I am looking to buy a 98-2001 SS or Trans Am. T-tops, 6 speed(preferred). any color other than white. leather(preferred). let me know what you can find. I have looked myself too, and still looking. Don’t want to spend more than $12,800 if possible. thanks to anyone that can help.


anti-white eh?..good luck. you been on ls1tech? cz28.com? obviously ebay/craigslist…

good luck finding something in WNY
I have had to look outside NY state for most of my fbodies

I have 1 for 11,500 in blue

oh is a 98, 62k

+1 to LS1 tech, thats where i found mine

Should be able to get a nice f-body for under $12k. Also +1 to ls1tech.com i bought my 2001 z-28 with 11k miles for $14.5k FIVE YEARS AGO!!!

bought my 30th for 12g’s on ls1tech.


does your car have a rebuilt title?

f-bodys really arent that expensive…lol

they are a dime a dozen

TRUTH!!! I was thinking of buying another one as a beater hahaha.

no but 30ths are worth a decent buck

No sir it is all legit. Now it is far from perfect but as you can see from pictures it’s damned good.

how many miles are on it if you dont mind me asking?

Good price on it, how far did you have to travel to pick it up?

elmistero can i get pics? also im not totally anti-white i just dont want all white if it was a 30th i would absolutely take it. i will continue to look and i am willing to travel anywhere.

ok I get u some PIC tomorrow or if u want I cant take it to u tomorrow


auto though =(


I am actually going to sell mine but not for $12,800. Are you looking for something stock or modified?