WTB: Air compressor, generator, tool box.

Looking to buy an air compressor, preferable a two stage with at least a mid 30’s gallon volume, all the way to ~60ish.


Also looking to buy two generators,

One should be as quiet as possible, as efficient as possible with under 1500 watt rating, nothing major just to power the lights and run constantly and for a while.

And two in the vicinity of 6000 watt rating to power a compressor or heater or others. Should have a plug for 120 or 220/240 volt.

Also need a tool box, preferable ball bearing, the bigger the better.

Let me know what you’ve got!

Maybe Adam will get rid of some of his toys.

Great time to get rid of the old stuff and upgrade!

Also kerosene heaters, if you’ve got some.

:lol Not a chance! hehhehhaha

Vanguard powered generators are nice for the big wattage. Consider a Honda generator for the quiet one. I used a Honda Generator in the Police Interceptor BBQ trailer to power the stereo and all other electronics and it’s whisper quiet…

That’s what I was thinking as well, but either way, it looks like I’ll have to build a sound insulation box to house the compressor and the (bigger) generator, because they will never be quiet enough for my needs normally.

Should be interesting, maybe I’ll do a write up.

vlad… you will NOT be able to make that generator quiet enough to not have the cops called on you.

playing with fire my friend, playing with fire

These are probably the most quietest generator’s I have ever heard.

Honda Super Quiet

Expensive though… like $800 for a 1kW

What are you doing with all these generators and tools anyway?

I have a huge craftsman air compressor im willing to sell. I think its a 50g i’ll have to check for you. Its loud as fuck though, I dunno if thats gonna be an issue for you (but ive never heard a quiet one)

As mentioned above Honda makes small power generators so quiet you can barely hear them so that will do just fine for lighting. Other stuff will need a sound deadened chamber constructed. However two stage oiled generators are relatively quiet to begin with, and silenced they will do pretty good.