WTB: cheap computer

this is for my sister.

all she needs is a 1 ghz+ 256mb ram and a decent size hd

hook a brotha up with a deal for realzzzzz


lol at “cheep”

btw krazyjoAn, check out this thread – http://www.nyspeed.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1298

nice “cheep” dell 3000

he wants like 300 for it… way to much for a computer for my sister

nono look at the bottom. 220 for the pc, do you need a monitor?

wait are you buying it for her? when i understand why you want it for cheap. :smiley:


she wants to spend like 100/

ooooooooh okay… i’ll look around for you a work. we have older systems like that collecting dust… but does she already have a monitor? or will she need one?

all she needs is a box… a legal os would be nice too :wink:


legal OS. Do they make those anymore? :snky:

$100? Shiiiiit, I’ll give You the thing that I’ve been trying to clean up for the past month.

1.3g AMD Athlon (socket A)
768mb ram (pc2100)
Onboard Lan, Vid, Aud, USB (1.1 - 4 ports)
Old VIA Board (forget the model off hand as I’m at work) but Bus is 266mhz iirc.
I’ll even throw in the 19" CRT monitor that weighs 120lbs :bloated:

Heres the catch, there are (3) Hardrives at the moment:
~40 gb 5400rpm with Win ME, >30g free - relativly clean drive.
~30 gb 5400rpm w/Win ME, 50% full with LOTS of adware crap.
~5 gb blank drive.

I’ve been trying to clean the “infected drive” for a lil bit now, and I’m bout fed up.

So, if You want it, I’ll pull the shitty hdd and You can have the rest of it. It runs fine, but it is mostly 2nd hand parts.

[cliff’s] Get this thing outta my basement for $100[/cliff’s]



of the case? will do tonight, afterwork.


$200 for some P4 ~1.7 setup with a black mid tower case.

1gb ram, on board everything, dvdrom and a 17" crt. i’ll install the xp on some 80gb drive.

i can provide more details if you’re really interested.

they’re huge so You can see details… I’ll PM 'em.


its for my sister… she doesnt need something as powerful as that… got anything else laying around?

cpu wise, no. i could drop the memory in half though :slight_smile: