WTB: "old" computer

Im looking for an older computer (p3 or higher) for cheap, no more than $100. It doesnt need a hard drive, and it doesnt need a monitor or any extras. I just need the tower to make a file server. ill take just about anything…so let me know! thanks

I was looking to get 100 for this
but I could pull the drive and we could work something out if you are interested.

Asus A7n266-VM motherboard
Integrated sound/graphics/ethernet
1.6 amd xp
120 gb hard drive
128 of ram
Case is missing side panel (I really have no idea where the fuck it went)
Fresh format of windows xp that need to authenticated (I could take card of that…)

thanks! ill see what else is around first tho :slight_smile:

733 Celeron(PIII equivalent)
Dial up modem
Ethernet card
Integrated graphics/sound
320MB of Ram
XP Pro already installed freshly(no authentication needed)


^this might take it, but im still open to anything

150 bucks but… ABIT NF7-S mother board, AMD 2400+ xp processor, 512 ram, 500 watt power sup., some no name vid card, and its water cooled. pick up in rochester, or go down to fredonia in 3 weeks and i could bring it with me.

^thats a lot more than what im looking for…and i already have a gaming rig :slight_smile:

yeah, but theres no good video card, the cpu and motherboard are solid. would make a sick server

sry, its just too much. that 'puter is better off being used as a pc, not a crappy fileserver

i have 2 towers…one is a dell, one is a custom built…the dell is old, the custom one is newer…but a pretty basic system… i believe atleast 1 is atleast a pentium 3…i have a pent 4 chip as well…no hard drives though…$25 each for the towers and $10 for the chip…pm me