WTB: Ford Shortblock & Head

If I don’t get moving on this car, it’ll never get moving.

Looking for a 82-88 Ford 2.3T motor: Loaded block & complete head from TurboCoupe. The old Xr4tI or SVO (4banger) Mustang will work as well…

Need block, crank, rods & slugs (dished & forged)
-as well as-
Complete Turbo head (preferably with “Turbo” engraved hat)
Any other little parts would be a bonus (such as the T3 / IHI turbo, exh mani, upper & lower intakes).

Don’t care wether or not it ran in the last 2 months - 20 years… so long as it ran when parked / pulled.

$200+ depending on condition…?

Let me know if You Have one / know of one / have seen a car sitting in a field for a few years… It all works.

PM, Email (NjccBflo at Gmail.com), or VMail (716-228-7353)

Appreciate it.