WTB: Longboard

lookin for a longboard skate board.
if you have one you wanna sell cheap, text me or call me


I dont have one but if you check whiskeymilitia.com they a lot of times will sell long boards as their one item at a really cheap price.

im was looking to find one alot faster than the net

Gotcha, free bump anyway.

so thats where my money is going :rofl

haha noooo. your money is paying off my Credit Card. which you still owe me…$575


best thing i ever did is not get one.

I wish I didnt get one. Fucking $9500 bill.

The best thing you could do is get one. It’s foolish to spend anything with cash especially with the incentives credit cards give you. As long as your not an idiot and rack up charges on it and pay it off every month they can help you build your credit score up and they have rewards points credit cards that you can put towards almost anything.

I don’t know how the hell people do that to themselves and NOT pay it off. I have no sympathy for people that blow cash they don’t have and bitch about having an incredibly high credit card bill.

I pay on it every month but I seem to spend alot.

I charged my motor and alot of parts for my car. Ive just got too many bills to pay alot extra on just one.

You carry a balance every month though is what I’m getting at… Carrying a balance on a credit card is just asking for trouble.

Yeah, along with the 3 loans Ive got out too. Sucks when you want the toys and cant pay cash for them.

There’s a lot of things I want including a car I can mod. Priorities first though. When I can go and drop some of the money people do on their cars on this forum and do it in cash I’m going to.

I tried doing it all with cash but that didnt get me far.

I dont mod the truck at all but I still need to make a payment on it each month.

cash is king.


what the fuck nick. you going to get some dreadlocks next too?

fucking hippy

you just HAD to tell everyone…

you can buy my longboard if you want to give me more then i payed for it. btw they are completely useless around here. i haven’t ridden on mine in a long ass time.

what do u mean if i give u more than you paid for it? what did u pay for it and what do u want for it?

And I need my Fenders Rolled!

i mean i’m not selling it. just install the whiskeymilitia firefox add on and watch it for a longboard to come up its gonna be quicker then finding a used one for sale. no hipster will part with theirs…and pm me about the fenders rolling.