WTB: power supply

i dont know how big i need, but my last one was 450W.

i have a 3.0 P4 running normally with one Gb ram and a 256 ati AIW graphics card. asus mobo.

cheap = better!


i got my thermaltake 530W for under 100 bucks

best PS made!!!


take your pick…cheap ass prices too


noone has anything… perhaps… for free?

Buy one you cheap ass… They are under $100…

I have one layin around…let me go home and check it out, I dont know the specs off hand…I think it sucks, but i’ll check for ya.


dont cheep out on your powersupply…

450W doesn’t mean much without a brand.

Also, the PS is not something you want cheap, or for free.


omg black to match your heart

OMG out of stock to match my… um, brain.


how unfortunate…OOS…same thing goes for a lil more but in stock here i think:

With black : http://store.yahoo.com/directron/colortt520.html