Wtb s13 frame rails

looking for frame rails for the s13

i think you should be looking for a new car.


nissan sells them…70 bucks a side

i dont think so… i called and asked nissan and they said they dident make them anymore for my 1990…

get the part number…its on here somewhere…depends which nissan u go to. Every dealership will give u a different answer. The on in milton never helps me out with parts i know i can get for example a shim, they just tell me no we cant get it because they are lazy

They are $67 a side. Yes they do make them, yes they ARE available… They are just lazy. the part number is somewhere on this forum.


thx guys… brand new frames sweet

those bastards!!! im guna go burn there houses down! :evil: i called like 10 places!! DAMN IT!

…I feel a bit stupid now

whatever never the less its a whole lot less painstaking to just get a whole new shell then support everything and rip ur car apart and everything out, the fuss over metal and crap just to get aggravated and it would take longer… i think… unless ur sockington. then ur golden

(yes im aware someone is going to say “cuz you are stupid” :? )