WTB: Silicon connecters

Whatever they are called. Those silicon connting pieces to connect intercooler piping and the likes. I need a 4" to 3", and a bunch of 2" pieces. Anyone know where to get some cheap? Cause those damn Samco ones are hella expensive.

Try Mopac, they have tons of stuff.

Yeah Mopac has it. It was the cheapest place I could find.

Ya, I’ll try there or Greg’s.

I remember Apex Modified having some shitty brand stuff, but they sweared by it.

I think Greggs was a bit more expensive, thats why I went to Mopac. If my memory serves me correctly.

i have a bunch of 2.5" connectors.

Really? what color?

I’ll go double check the measurement on the piping.

What on your vehicle is 4" to 3". 4" is huge for intake piping. Anyways yeah mopac is the cheapest I have seen aswell.

turbo to air intake.

turbo to air intake.[/quote]

Werd. The inlet of this turbo is 4", and the maf for the Z32 is 3" i beleive. The rest of them are 2.5" hoses that I need.