wtf is going on here...

lmaoo its the truck conversion. GAYY

That’s not even the proper way to do it, looks like he got lazy after taking off the hatch and called it a day. Definitely needs a lot more duct tape and zip ties to get my seal of approval. Kids these days… [-(

haha thats hilarious

carry some extra tires with strap. nice thinking imo.

repost… we were bitching about this earlier in the summer.

What was the goal of this build exactly? Redneck truck? except a redneck would never buy a nissan.

Pretty sure theres a “build” of this on son somewhere,
lots of blood sweat and tears went into this unbolting the hatch.

lool this pos was for sale


cool. tail lights are kinda odd but still cool.

^ You just think the tail lights are a bit odd? >_>

Yea I remember his “build” thread. I think I bitched him out in it.
Horrible “truck” mod.

Do it right or don’t do it at all.