wtf is this ugly pos

Who the fuck only puts on ONE LAMBO DOOR?!!

Factory Options:

most of the things
Exterior Modifications:

I have put some racing stripes and smoked taillights and painted some of the rear part red
Interior Modifications:

I have painted the interior with blue and red.

for now only the exhaust.

I am about to put in some tokico shocks and maybe some prings.


I have a head unit, speakers, subs, alarm, system, underkit lights 7 different l.e.d. colors, strobe lights.
To-Do List:

Change my engine and put in a performance one, maybe add a turbo in it and new paint job.

thats my new hot whip

there are so many things that are wrong with this.

quote my friend’s boyfriend “it looks like a crippled bird”

there we go

dude i can see cameo rockin that

not paul the other yum yum

he’s rockin the cameo camo camaro driver door primer special right now, and the passenger front fender held on by 2 screws modification as well.

dude that is not a mod it grew wings

WTF is with him and the primer? That car didnt look too bad when I saw it the first time with a primered hood but the next time the fender(s?) was all primered up too.

I love his fender! :lol

one lambo door is where its at!

Its listed as a 4cyl… and whats with red and blue…just take it out in a field and end its suffering already!

That thing is pure sex on wheels, dont be hatin!

ive never really liked lambo doors, but whats the deal with just the one?